Welcome to Metacorp!

Growing a business is no easy task – especially if said business is a startup or a scaleup. Expectations are high, resources are scarce, deadlines are tight and external support is often insufficient or inadequate.

This last point was what sparked the idea of Metacorp.

Metacorp is a consulting firm with a difference: we offer 360 consulting services specifically adapted to startups, scaleups and tech companies. This means that all our processes, strategies and solutions are designed to fit the needs and challenges that these types of businesses often experience; needs and challenges that large consulting firms are not equipped to tackle effectively.

With this in mind, we developed our offer, which covers the areas that can make or break the growth of any startup:

  • Financial consultancy, to lay the foundations for sustainable, robust and scalable growth.
  • Internalisation, both for Spanish companies considering expansion outside our borders and for foreign companies looking to settle in Spain.
  • Talent consultancy, to develop, motivate and retain the perfect team.
  • Tax, HR and accounting advisory, thanks to the incorporation of Metagest‘s services – services which we will be upgrading and updating in the coming months.

This is all possible thanks to our multi-disciplinary team, which has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and has worked with world-class brands such as Swiftera, Adigital or Instamaki.

Naturally, all these years of relevant experience gave us the chance to develop an unbeatable network of contacts within the ecosystem. We therefore have the pleasure of collaborating with partners who are experts in the industry – something which allows us to provide comprehensive support to your business and cover what no one else does.

Last but not least, Metacorp is part of a group that also includes Metricson, a leading Spanish firm offering comprehensive legal services for companies with the same profile.

Like what you see?

If you also have a different vision of growth for your company and you think we could help you, get in touch. Don’t be shy and get ready to #keepgrowing!

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