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We have over 20 years of experience in providing consulting services to scaleups and tech companies

Innovation is in our DNA

As a boutique consultancy we know the industry better than anyone. Through working with us you’ll also gain access to a wide network of industry experts both at a national and international level.

0% bullshit

We believe that the value of our services lies not only in evaluating and advising, but also in establishing concrete plans with quantifiable objectives and guiding your company through their execution.



Emma has been helping companies worldwide meet their financial goals for 15 years, ensuring they become and remain viable, sustainable and scalable. As co-founder of Metacorp, Emma focuses her efforts on enhancing the profitability of our clients by offering solutions to their financial and regulatory challenges. Since the creation of the firm, Emma has supported growth in over 500 companies in different stages of development. Emma always says, "What is not planned and quantified cannot be evaluated."

Finance Consulting




Luis is the co-founder of Metacorp, a serial entrepreneur who has advised hundreds of companies in their investment processes and international expansion. He is currently a mentor and advisor to tech companies, investment funds and innovation-related institutions. With more than 20 years of experience working with successful companies and a not-so-little black book of contacts, Luis and his team will help you define your company's growth strategy and accelerate your investment rounds at light speed. 




Senior Consultant

Laura is an engineer turned talent consultant who specialises in organisational design, corporate policies and good governance. She’s understands the importance of teamwork and establishing processes that allow organisations to retain talent and optimise their internal processes. As an organised, methodical and results-oriented consultant she has had the privilege of working in some most important consulting firms worldwide. Laura always says, "Establishing proper procedures and policies paves the road to success.”




Senior Consultant

Cristina leads our processes of international expansion and relocation of foreign companies to Spain, Europe and LATAM, boosting their growth and chances of success. Thanks to her extensive experience in managing complex international procedures she is capable of enhancing the productivity of your team and helping to meet your objectives. Cristina always says, "We live in a global market that offers countless opportunities, don’t be afraid to take advantage and power up your business".




Senior Consultant

Verónica is an expert in integral solutions designed to optimise your financial and business processes. After working for more than 15 years in large international consulting firms, she has developed a successful methodology based on client research and analysis in order to identify their needs, collaboratively define their objectives and leading the process to achieve them. Verónica always says, "I don't work for clients, I work with clients."





Natàlia is our accounting expert. She focuses all her efforts on ensuring the financial performance of our clients is up to the highest standard. Her advice allows our clients to make informed decisions that ensure a positive and lasting impact on their growth. For this, Natàlia focuses on measuring, analysing, evaluating and implementing each company’s financial strategy. Natàlia always says, "The best weapon against any obstacle is patience".





Eduard specialises in employment and HR issues. He prides himself on providing high-quality advisory services, immersing himself in every company he works with in order to understand its strengths, challenges and needs. This allows him to deliver effective, strategic solutions, always putting the client at the heart of his work. Eduard always says: "Success is a revolving door, you only have to know when to enter."




B2B Marketing Lead

Isabel is responsible for our digital and offline marketing strategy. In addition to her background in business development, she is also an expert in content creation and promotion, geared towards lead generation. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry at a national level combined with a 7-year stint abroad makes her an effective, well-rounded professional. Isabel always says, "If you can't go straight ahead, you go around the corner."



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